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Park Hall (Oswestry)

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Park Hall is a football ground located in Oswestry, Shropshire, England. It serves as the home stadium for The New Saints F.C., a professional football club that competes in the Welsh Premier League.

Park Hall was established in [year], following the formation of The New Saints F.C., previously known as Total Network Solutions F.C. The club needed a suitable venue to host its home matches, and Park Hall was chosen as the location for their stadium. The ground is situated in close proximity to the Park Hall Estate, after which it was named.


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The stadium has a grass playing surface and can accommodate [capacity] spectators. It features a main stand, which provides covered seating for spectators, as well as several terraced areas for standing. The ground is also equipped with floodlights, allowing for evening matches to be played.

In addition to the football pitch, Park Hall is equipped with various training facilities, including training pitches and a modern training center. These facilities are utilized by The New Saints F.C. for their training sessions and youth development programs.

The New Saints F.C. is the primary tenant of Park Hall. The club was founded in [year] and has since become one of the most successful teams in Welsh football. They have won numerous league titles and domestic cup competitions, both before and after their move to Park Hall. The stadium provides an ideal setting for the team to showcase their talents and compete in the Welsh Premier League.

Notable matches

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Park Hall has hosted various notable matches throughout its history. These include important league fixtures for The New Saints F.C., as well as cup matches and international fixtures. The stadium has also been used for friendly matches and youth tournaments, contributing to the development of football in the local area.

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