Parliament of Kenya

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Parliament of Kenya
Swahili: Bunge la Kenya
12th Parliament
National Assembly
Preceded by11th Parliament
New session started
31 August 2017 (2017-08-31)
Seats349 (assembly)
67 (senate)
Assembly political groups
  Jubilee Party (171) Opposition
  National Super Alliance (126)
  Other Parties (52)[1]
Senate political groups
Government (34)[2]
  Jubilee (34) Opposition(33)[2]
  National Super Alliance (28)[2]
  Independent (1)[2]
  Other Parties (4)
Length of term
5 years
Mixed-Member Majoritarian
Mixed-Member Majoritarian
Assembly last election
8 August 2017
Senate last election
8 August 2017
Meeting place
Parliament Buildings and KICC
Nairobi, Kenya

The Parliament of Kenya is the bicameral legislature of Kenya.[3] Members of Parliament meet at the Parliament Buildings in Nairobi. It is made up of two houses: the Senate (upper house) and The National Assembly (lower house). Before 2013, the National Assembly was the unicameral parliament of the country.

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