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A party is a social gathering primarily for celebration and recreation.

Party could also mean an individual person, or group of individuals:

  • one or more participants in the context of a legal, business, or political relationship:
    • First party, a principal in the relationship (referring to self) or the obvious dominant principal
    • Second party, the other principals in the relationship
    • Third party (disambiguation), some other person or entity with some involvement (many uses across many disciplines)
  • Party (law), a person or group of persons composing a single entity for the purposes of the law
  • a party in politics:
    • Political party, an organization that seeks to attain political power within a government
    • Third party (politics), any minor party in any two-party system
    • The Party (politics) can refer to a dominant political party in a country, often the only party (in a single party systems). For example, in reference to the Soviet Union, the Party means the Communist Party of the Soviet Union

Parti (a foreign spelling) may also mean:

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in the video game industry:

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  • The Party (disambiguation)
  • Surprise party, a celebration that is not made known to one or more of the guests until it occurs