Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota

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Patricio Rey y sus Redonditos de Ricota
Background information
Also known asLos Redonditos de Ricota (Spanish: the little ricotta round ones), Los Redondos (Spanish: the round ones)
OriginLa Plata, Buenos Aires,  Argentina
GenresRock and roll
Hard rock
Blues rock
Alternative rock
MembersCarlos "Indio" Solari
Eduardo "Skay" Beilinson
Daniel "Semilla" Bucciarelli
Walter Sidotti
Sergio Dawi (last formation)
Past member(s)Willy Crook
Tito "Fargo" D´Aviero
Daniel "Piojo" Ávalos
"Conejo" Jolivet
Roddy Castro
César Barboza "El pipa"

Patricio Rey y Sus Redonditos de Ricota were a rock band from Argentina. This band originated in La Plata in 1976. Direct descendant of The Brotherhood of the Solar Flower, originally had no name or fixed members, but about 15 musicians took turns on the instruments. The three pillars are: Indio Solari (vocals), Beilinson Skay (guitar) and Carmen Castro 'The Black Poly "(manager and alma mater) who could add Richard Cohen," Rocambole ", something like the director artistic group. Skay Diplodocum had integrated along with his brother William Beilinson, Topo D'Aloisio, Isa Portugheis and Bernardo Rubaja.

History[change | change source]

Although music was always an essential part of the shows by Patricio Rey in the first presentations in theaters in La Plata numbers were put on stage plays and ballet, while ricotta redonditos true distributed among the public. By the '78 are presented in theaters under the Capital. Between 1979 and 1980 the band distance: Poly Skay and move to Mar del Plata and Indian Valeria del Mar. As the custom implies, at the end of the year gathered to play together. In 1981 he resumed the course of the pubs to get professional recording their first demo in 1982: "Baby, baby," "Pontiac", "Superlógico" and "Pure luck" was recorded in RCA issues, encompassing important in the FM broadcast from Buenos Aires. At that time also had joined the band of choristers Bay Bisquits (Vivi Tellas, Faithfull Marianne and Elizabeth Sebastian). Also involved the journalist Henry Symms, reciting monologues and the introduction of the show. Journalist Gloria Guerrero published back in December 1982: "A is impartial, is not siding with anyone, but sometimes it's impossible. The group that interested me in recent times does a recital and I want to know. And because it is very difficult to find out otherwise, as these delusional punks do not advertise a horn nothing to do. The news "run" and the theaters are filled "(G.Guerrero in Humor, December 1982). In December 1984 they recorded "Gulp", the first plate, in studies of MIA, with Lito Vitale as an operator and a guest musician. The money for this independent production came from a common pool formed by a percentage of the profits from each show. Commercial distribution was handled by the Black Poly. "If a producer wants to take Patrick King recordings, or whatever, is investing an amount. And to recoup what it spent to Patrick King must sell in a way that has absolutely nothing to do with what Patrick King wants to do "(Poly, in G.Guerrero p 80). Later sign a contract with the Distriubuidora Belgrano. Almost 8 years of his birth, The Round began to be known widely, with songs like "love versus lethal Bluebeard," "The beast pop" or "Yum fri fruli fali fruit." "Oktubre" (1986), the second plate, throw ends of the masses. The press agrees: "It is a great album that requires input adjectives unreasonably", publishes CantaRock. The major hits were "Semen-Up" and "October Fires". In early 1988, Walter Avalos Sidotti replace the battery. D'Aviero also departs. In November, migrating is Crook (joins Grandparents of Nothingness) and its place is Sergio Dawi. By then, the Round were praised almost devoutly. "An eye for baiao idiot" is the title of the third album (1988), "which more accurately reflects the group's sound," the Indian and containing a signature song for them and their audience, "Let the Bands" . "That was my star luxury," "The pabellum of a psychopath" and "Hero of whiskey" are the issues that stand in the next LP, "Bang! Bang!'re Settled!" (1989). On December 29, 1989, ten days after completing two works, occur in the same field hockey club, before 25,000 fans, hitherto unpublished figure for them. The 90 years spent with constant presentations in discothèques and Sanitary Works stage. This changed in part the relationship between band and audience. Many felt that occur in works consisted of a "betrayal" of the principles of non-peaked always compromise. In April 1991 recur in works. Police arrested 40 people, including Walter is Bulacio, who after spending hours locked in a dungeon and 5 days in a coma, died in the midst of contradictory statements. The cover is changed from "grave injury death" a "suspicious death", but the culprits do not appear, despite rallies of repudiation. Since then, a new little song is taken up by the public: "I knew, I knew, police Bulacio killed him." By the end of that year, Patrick King is presented again in works with the new board: "The Fly and the soup" (1991), which takes into "My dog ​​dynamite" and "A little French love" their most important issues. The live album "Live" (1992) is a kind of "official pirate" by the same Skay. Includes recordings of shows carefully selected and remastered in America. The popularity of the band is confirmed again in two presentations at the Municipal Exhibition Center, where he premiered new songs to 40 000 people. Patrick King then decided to release a double album with 25 tracks, entitled "Wolf Loose" / "Lamb tied" (1993). For the first time in his career, the Round will encourage a football stadium, two consecutive nights in Hurricane, with 80,000 spectators in total, are evidence of the acceptance of the disc. Tars long months of silence, he announced a presentation at the city of San Carlos santafecina in August '95. To date the show, the hotel capacity was fully saturated and hordes of fans were installed in tents on the outskirts of the city. Two shows in a nightclub with a capacity of 3000 people which was completely filled. In late December 1998, were presented at the Round Stadium Racing, for the presentation of "Last bondi Finisterre," the ninth album. Two shows with over 45,000 people each year with closed Patricio Rey near the Federal Capital, as long ago you could not enjoy. This highly anticipated show in the middle of Buenos Aires finally took place on 15 and 16 April 2000 in River. With some incidents in the vicinity of the stadium, about 140,000 fans attended an event described by the press as "historic." A year later, the Round will be presented at the Estadio Centenario in Montevideo, the first of the band outside of Argentina. And the August 4, 2001, at the Estadio Chateau Carreras, Cordoba, was the last live performance of the band. The show was followed several months of silence, until finally, Black Poly Skay and announced that "at least for a while," Patrick King would remain silent. Then Skay announced the launch of his first solo album, called "Through the Sargasso Sea" and the same path followed by the Indian

Discography[change | change source]

Album Year Recorded
Gulp! 1985 Studio
Oktubre 1986 Studio
Un baión para el ojo idiota 1988 Studio
¡Bang! ¡Bang! Estás Liquidado 1989 Studio
La Mosca y la Sopa 1991 Studio
En Directo 1992 Live
Lobo suelto - Cordero atado (Double) 1993 Studio
Luzbelito 1996 Studio
Último Bondi a Finisterre 1998 Studio
Momo Sampler 2000 Studio