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Patrick Murphy was an Irish pilot who mistakenly bombed the border town of Naco, Arizona. Not much is known about his personal life.

Bombing of Naco, Arizona[change | change source]

Murphy owned a plane around the time of the Cristero War in Mexico against the anti-Catholic government of Emilio Portes Gil. Murphy decided to help the rebels by using his plane to bomb the government-controlled town of Naco, Sonora. He tried many times between March 31 and April 6 to bomb Naco but also accidentally, bombed the Arizona border town with the same name. He destroyed some buildings and a car. United States soldiers eventually came to his house and took away his plane. Murphy escaped to rebel territory in Mexico but returned to the United States and was jailed for a little while.[1]

Legacy[change | change source]

Murphy became the first person working for another country to ever bomb the mainland United States. Singer Dolan Ellis honored Murphy in one of his songs on his "Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes" album.[2]

References[change | change source]