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Patrick Murphy was an Irish pilot who mistakenly bombed the border town of Naco, Arizona. Not much is known of his personal life.

Bombing of Naco, Arizona[change | change source]

Murphy owned a plane around the time of the Cristero War in Mexico against the anti-Catholic government of Emilio Portes Gil. Murphy decided to help the rebels by using his plane to bomb the government-controlled town of Naco, Sonora. He tried many times between March 31 and April 6 to bomb Naco but also accidentally, bombed the Arizona border town with the same name. He destroyed some buildings and a car. United States soldiers eventually came to his house and took away his plane. Murphy escaped to rebel territory in Mexico but returned to the United States and was jailed for a little while.[1]

Legacy[change | change source]

Murphy became the first person working for another country to ever bomb the mainland United States. Singer Dolan Ellis honored Murphy in one of his songs on his [1] "Tall Tales, Lost Trails & Heroes" album.

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