Pavel Nakhimov

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Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov

Pavel Stepanovich Nakhimov (Russian: Па́вел Степа́нович Нахи́мов) (born July 6, 1802 – died July 11, 1855) was a Russian admiral.[1] He was one of the most famous admirals in Russian naval history. Nakhimov was the commander of naval and land forces during the Siege of Sevastopol in the Crimean War. On November 30 1853, Nakhimov defeated the Ottoman troops in the Battle of Sinope.[2]

On July 10 1855, while he was inspecting the forward-defense positions at Fort Malakoff, he was fatally wounded by a sniper.[1] The medal, the Order of Nakhimov, a Soviet Navy Cruiser and the Nakhimov Naval Academy (Sevastopol) are named for him.[1]

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