Pearl River (China)

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Guangzhou, with the Pearl River, at night

Pearl River is the name of a river in southern China. The river flows into the South China Sea near Macau. The whole river system has a length of 2,400 kilometres (1,500 mi). It is China's third-longest river system, after that of the Yangtze, and Yellow River. By volume, it is second-laregest, after the Yangtze. There are many large industrial cities along the river. It is important for transportation. Hong Kong is about 50 kilometres (31 mi) from its estuary. Other large cities along the river are Guangzhou, Foshan, and Dongguan. Each of these citiers has more than a million people living in it. Another important city that is close is Shenzhen. Many parts along the river are highly-industralized cities.