People's Liberation Army of Namibia

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People’s Liberation Army of Namibia
PLAN insurgents on the march in People’s Republic of Angola, 1980s.
Country South West Africa
Allegiance South West Africa People’s Organisation
TypeGuerrilla organisation
EngagementsSouth African Border War
FounderSam Nujoma

The People's Liberation Army of Namibia (PLAN) was the armed wing of the South West Africa People's Organisation. PLAN fought against the apartheid South African Defence Force and South West African Territorial Force during the South African Border War. In its history, PLAN used guerrilla tactics and as well as a large recruitment network in rural South West Africa to gain popularity. [1][2][3][4]

Border War[change | change source]

During the Border War most of PLAN’s activities includes mine warfare and acts of sabotage. At first PLAN lacked any units, and the operations were carried out by political exiles who spent time living in refugee camps in neighbouring country such as People’s Republic of Angola. MPLA helped PLAN launch raids inside South West Africa itself. By the end of the war, PLAN had 32,000 members with three battalions of troops equipped with heavy weapons.

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