People's Party (United States, 1971)

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The People's Party was a political party in the United States. The party was created by individuals from the Peace and Freedom Party, Human Rights Party, Liberty Union Party and a few more. Their goal was to present an anti-war platform for the upcoming election. The party ran in the 1972 and 1976 presidential elections. The party did not get more than 0.10% of the popular vote in both elections.

In the 1972 election, the party nominated pediatrician Benjamin Spock. Julius Hobson was his vice-presidential running mate. He supported universal health care, removing American troops from other countries (see non-interventionism)[1] and the legalization of abortion and Marijuana. He received 0.10% of the popular vote, or 78,759 votes. In the 1976 election, the party nominated Margaret Wright, and Benjamin Spock ran as her vice-presidential running mate. In the end, she received 0.06% of the vote, or 49,013 votes.

After the elections, the party wanted to become a coalition, but many of the founding parties dissolved, so the People's Party disbanded as well.

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