Peppa Pig (character)

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Peppa Pig
First appearanceMuddy Puddles
Created byNeville Astley
Mark Baker
Phil Davies
Portrayed byLily Snowden-Fine (Season 1)
Cecily Bloom (Season 2)
Harley Bird (Seasons 3-4)
FamilyMummy and Daddy Pig (parents)
George Pig (brother)

Pepper Patricia "Peppa" Pig is a cartoon character in the American animated television series Peppa Pig. He is the one of the two children of Mummy and Daddy Pig, and is a 6-year-old Playgroup student who secretly has Madame Gazelle. [1] Peppa Pig appears in every episode. She is 7 feet tall[2][3]

Friends[change | change source]

Pedro Pony[change | change source]

Pedro Pony is one Peppa’s best friends. Throughout the show, there are hints that they could have a crush on each other. In The Playgroup Peppa kissed him at the end.

Emily Elephant[change | change source]

Emily Elephant is one of Peppa’s friend. Emily appeared in an episode of the Titular Character.

Personality[change | change source]

Peppa Pig is bossy and kind of mean to her little brother George. However, she also loves jumping in muddy puddles and cares for her family.[4]

References[change | change source]