Peppermint bark

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Peppermint bark
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Main ingredientsWhite chocolate, dark chocolate, peppermint

Chocolate peppermint bark is a type of chocolate confectionary made from dark chocolate base and white chocolate on top with peppermint (crushed up candy cane or other minty candy) sprinkled on top.

It is sold around Christmas time as a sort of candy or cake decoration and have been made as a flavor or candy product by several large companies. They are also sold by girl scouts who want to sell it as an addition product besides cookies and other desserts and confectionary.

Recipe[change | change source]

It is made only by using dark chocolate as a base and white chocolate melted down and left to cool then broken up or cut into chunks like peanut brittle and sprinkled on top are crushed mints, sometimes the confectionary is made with only one single type of chocolate or other crushed toppings like peanuts or other chocolates even nougat. It can also be used as a topping for eggnog.

History[change | change source]

The dessert dates back to the 1960's[1][2] where on September 12th 1966 the company, William Sonoma invented the treat as a sort of festive candy when the founder of William Sonoma Chuck Williams asked 3 merchants to create a "nostalgic festive treat" and it blew up in the 20th century and as they say "the rest is history".[source?]

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