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Motto: Pro Lege et Libertate
('For Law and Liberty')
Perthshire County.svg
Perthshire within Scotland
Status Local government county (until 1975)
Land registration county (1996 - )
1975 area 2528 sq. miles (6547 sq. km) (5th)
HQ Perth (county town and administrative centre)
Chapman code PER
Succeeded by Tayside Region
Governance County: Perthshire County Council (1890-1929)
Perth and Kinross County Council (1929-1975)
Modern: Perth and Kinross Council (1996 - )
Lieutenancy: Lord Lieutenant of Perth and Kinross
Perthshire arms.png
Coat of arms of the county council

Perthshire (Scottish Gaelic: Siorrachd Pheairt) is a county in central Scotland. Officially, it is the County of Perth, and a registration county in central Scotland. By "registration" is meant marriage and land registration uses Perthshire as a county.

After 1930, when it was an administrative county, governments changed the local system time and again. At the moment Perthshire is split between Clackmannanshire, Perth and Kinross and Stirling. Ordinary people stil call it Perthshire.

Perthshire is known as the "big county" and has a wide variety of landscapes, from the rich agricultural land in the east, to the high mountains of the southern Highlands.