Coppa Acerbo

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Flag of Italy.svg Coppa Acerbo
Pescara Grand Prix
Pescara Circuit
Circuit Pescara.svg
Track information
Laps 18
Circuit length 25.579 km
Race length 460.422 km
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The Coppa Acerbo was an motor race held in Italy. Following Italy's defeat in World War II, the race was renamed the Circuito di Pescara, and in some years was also referred to as the Pescara Grand Prix (Gran Premio di Pescara). The race was run between 1924 and 1961 with a variety of vehicle classes. In 1957 the Pescara Grand Prix was one round of the Formula One World Championship. This race which holds the record of the longest circuit length ever used for a Championship event.

Race winners[change | change source]

Year Driver/s Constructor Location
1957 United Kingdom Stirling Moss Vanwall Pescara Circuit

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