Petar Bojović

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Duke Petar Bojović

Petar Bojović (Serbian: Петар Бојовић, pronounced [pɛ̂tar bɔ̂ːjɔʋitɕ]; 16 July 1858 in Miševići, Nova Varoš – 19 January 1945 in Belgrade) was a Serbian military commander. He fought in the Serbo-Turkish War, the Serbo-Bulgarian War, the First Balkan War, the Second Balkan War, World War I and World War II. Following the breakthrough on the Thessaloniki Front he was promoted to fourth Serbian Field Marshal (Voivoda).

In World War I as commander of the First Army, he broke through the lines on the Salonika front. His army advanced deep into enemy territory. For this he was given the title of Duke.[1] In 1945, after World War II ended, he was beaten severely by partisans. They decided to take his house for themselves. He died soon after of his injuries.[2]

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