Peter Griffin

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Peter Griffin
Family Guy character
A man dressed up as Peter Griffin
First appearance"Death Has a Shadow"
Created bySeth MacFarlane
Voiced bySeth MacFarlane
  • Former safety inspector at the Happy-Go-Lucky toy factory
  • Former fisherman
  • Brewery shipping clerk
Spouse(s)Lois Griffin
ChildrenMeg, Chris, and Stewie Griffin

Peter Griffin is a character in the animated television comedy Family Guy.

Information[change | change source]

He is the husband of Lois Griffin. He has three children, Meg, Chris, and Stewie. His main friends are Glenn Quagmire, Cleveland Brown, and Joe Swanson. He is voiced by the shows creator, Seth MacFarlane, who also voices Stewie Griffin and the family's pet dog Brian.[1]

He was a redesign of the protagonist, Larry, from Seth MacFarlane's animated short films he made a few years before Family Guy.[1]

Peter used to work in a Toy factory, before it was shut down when the manager of the factory died. He then worked on a boat before he started working at "Pawtucket Patriot Brewery".

Peter always believed his full name was Peter Löwenbräu Griffin, however, later in the show, he finds out his actual full name is Justin Peter Griffin, and that he was born in Mexico.[1] He also used to believe that Francis Griffin was his father, however, when Peter visited his father on his deathbed, he and his mother would reveal that his real father is an Irishman called Mickey McFinnigan, whom his mother met while she was in Ireland.[1]

A long-running joke in the show is his relationship with Ernie the Giant Chicken. When Ernie appeared, it was result in a long fight between the two, often taken up to five minutes and randomly happening in an episode.[1]

Peter and Brian Griffin could be said to have originated as Larry and Steve respectively, with the two being introduced in the 1995 short film The Life of Larry, and elaborated and refined upon in Larry & Steve. [1][2]

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