Peter M. Gruber

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Peter M. Gruber

Peter Manfred Gruber (28 August 1941 – 7 March 2017) was an Austrian mathematician. He worked in geometric number theory[1] as well as in convex and discrete geometry.[2][3] He was born in Klagenfurt, Austria.

Career[change | change source]

From 1971, he was Professor at the University of Linz, and from 1976, at the TU Wien.[1] He is a member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences,[1][4] a foreign member of the Russian Academy of Sciences,[1][5] and a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.[1][6]

Death[change | change source]

Gruber died on 7 March 2017 in Vienna, Austria, aged 75.

Works[change | change source]

  • Gruber, P.M. (2007). Convex and Discrete Geometry. Berlin: Springer-Verlag.
  • Gruber, P.M.; Lekkerkerker, C.G. (1987). Geometry of Numbers. Amsterdam: North-Holland.

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