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Peter Schwartz at "WarGames" 25th anniversary showing, by Marcin Wichary, 2008

Peter Schwartz (born 1946) is a futurist and an author. He and his friends Stewart Brand and Jay Ogilvy made Global Business Network. Global Business Network is a company in San Francisco, California.

Personal history[change | change source]

Peter was born in 1946. His parents are named Klara and Benjamin. He went to college at RPI. His wife is named Cathleen. His son is named Benjamin. Benjamin was born in 1990.

Writings[change | change source]

Peter Schwartz wrote a lot of books, mostly about the future. He wrote about China's economy. Peter Schwartz also helped work on movies.

Global Business Network[change | change source]

Global Business Network is Peter Schwartz's company. He started it in the 1980s with his friends Stewart Brand and Jay Ogilvy.

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