Petting, Germany

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Petting is a village near Traunstein, in Bavaria. It lies on the shore of Waginger See, Lake Waging. The village was built on what was once an island, during the last Ice Age. The island was known as safe, and secure, and was inhabited even at that time. According to the records, the place name means place where there is water, at times. There used to be a church in the village, around 800 AD. Unfortunately, this church was destroyed by the Hungarians around the year 900. There had been a castle in what was then the churchyard; the owners of the castle can be traced back to the 6th century. It is believed that Petting had already existed during the time of the Romans, with the same name.

The part of the village called Ringham can be traced to 788 AD, when it's mentioned by a chronicle of the bishop of Salzburg. In 1970, about 1,700 people lived in Petting; in 2000 they were about 2,200.