Peyrepertuse Castle

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The castle, seen from the north,from Rouffiac-des-Corbières.

Peyrepertuse Castle is a castle in France. It is one of the Cathar castles. It was built before the 11th century. It is Aude, in Occitanie. It is built in a strategic position, on a cliff, about 30-40m high. The castle is first mentioned in the year 806, but the site seems to have been occupied since Roman times. At that time, it belonged to a Catalan count. It later changed hands, first to the Count of Barcelona, then to that of Narbonne.

When the Treaty of Corbeil is signed in 1258, the border between France and Spain is right to the south of the castle. In the year 1240, after the Albigensian Crusade against the Cathars, the castle becomes French. It is extended, and there is a garrison placed there; it protects against invasions until the 16th century when Roussillon becomes a French territory.

Today, the ruins of the castle attract about 100.000 visitors a year. There is a vineyard nearby.

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