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Two Phalènes
Other namesEpagneul Nain Continental
Moth-eared toy spaniel
Common nicknamesdrop-eared Papillion
OriginBelgium, France, Italy
Coat Long, Silky
Color White, Brown, Red, Silver, Black, Black and Tan
Kennel club standards
FCI standard
Dog (domestic dog)

The Phalène, ("moth-eared") is a small toy spaniel type of dog breed. It is a drop eared variety of it's close relation, the Papillon. Both types can be born in the same litter.[1] In the United States both Phalènes and Papillons are treated as the same breed.[2]

History[change | change source]

Queen Sophie Dorothea of Prussia with a Phalène 1737

The dog is a very old breed, It has been reported in Belgium, France and Italy in the 16th century where it was a popular companion dog of the upper classes.[1]

Appearance[change | change source]

The Phalène has a long, silky coat and will be mostly white with brown, red, silver, black or black and tan markings.[3]

Temperment[change | change source]

These dogs are usually easy to train but can be wary of strangers. Like most spaniels they need some daily exercise to keep them happy.[3]

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