Coordinates: 16°25′1″N 101°09′12″E / 16.41694°N 101.15333°E / 16.41694; 101.15333
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Phetchabun is a town in the northeastern and the central part of Thailand. It is about 12,668.416 square metres (3.130434 acres) in size. The distance from the east to the west is 55 kilometres (34 mi). The distance from the north to the south is 296 kilometres (184 mi). The height above sea level is 114 metres (374 ft). Phetchabun is 346 kilometres (215 mi) from Bangkok.

Administrative division[change | change source]

The administrative distributes to are 11 districts (amphur), 117 subdistricts (tumbol), and 1261 villages (muban).

  1. Amphur Mueang
  2. Amphur Chon Daen
  3. Amphur Lom Sak
  4. Amphur Lom Koa
  5. Amphur Wichian Buri
  6. Amphur Si Thep
  1. Amphur Nong Phai
  2. Amphur Bueng Sam Phan
  3. Amphur Nam Nao
  4. Amphur Wang Pong
  5. Amphur Khao Kho

The boundaries[change | change source]

  • Loei borders Phetchabun to the north.
  • Lopburi borders Phetchabun to the south.
  • Khon Kaen and Chaiyaphum borders Phethabun to the east.
  • Phitsanulok Nakhonsawan and Phichit borders Phetchabun to the west.

History[change | change source]

Phetchabun[1] is ancient. It is unclear who founded it. Krom Phraya Dhamlong Racha Nupap says that Phetchabun established for 2 periods in the same relic of Buddha temple and ancient temple. At first age, built when the northland is Sukhothai city or Phitsanulok is the capital. There is the waterway in a public city. The second period built in, Narai's period. There was a river at the center of a city. In the north side had a wall for Guading the enemies. In the south there was a field. An archeologist discovered the evidence in Si Thep city. The evidence was over 1000 years old. Phetchabun was built in the same time as Phimai, Lopburi.

The park[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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16°25′1″N 101°09′12″E / 16.41694°N 101.15333°E / 16.41694; 101.15333