Phil Kluba

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Phil Kluba
BornGreater Toronto Area, Ontario
GenresPop, alt-rock
Occupation(s)Recording Artist
video Producer
Years active2013–present

Phil Kluba is a Canadian recording artist and video producer based in Greater Toronto Area. Kluba is better known for producing music videos and live streams for Canadian singer Scott Helman,​ Justin Nozuka and​ alt-rock band MONOWHALES​ under the banner of his media production company​ ​Press It.[1][2]

Career[change | change source]

Phil Kluba was born and raised in Greater Toronto Area. in 2012, he graduated Metalworks Institute with a degree in Audio Production & Engineering Diploma.[3] In 2013, he received a grant from FACTOR Canada to produce his debut music video The Dirty Shore.[4] In 2019, he arranged a media partnership with Facebook Canada and produced a live-streamed performance by MONOWHALES at Rolling Pictures in Toronto.[5][6] Through his media production company Kluba has created content for brands such as Rogers Media, Warner Music Canada, Coalition Music, Canada’s Music Incubator and musical acts The Tragically Hip, Justin Nozuka, MONOWHALES, MKLA, The Tea Party.[7][8][9]

Discography/filmography[change | change source]

Year Album Credit
2013 The Dirty Shore Singer/Songwriter
2017 Justin Nozuka – All I Need Music Video Producer[10]
2017 Apryll Aileen - Great Expectations[11] Music Video Producer
2018 Celest Chong - I Got Him"[12] Music Video Producer
2018 Jesse Merineau - That Night" Music Video Director[13]
2018 Monowhales - Real Love Music Video Producer
2020 Fine by Me Singer/Songwriter[14]
2020 Monowhales - All or Nothing Music Video Producer[15]
2020 Monowhales - Really Wanna Let You Down Music Video Producer[16]
2021 Living Between Wednesdays Music Video Producer[17][18]

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