Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice

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Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice
Director(s)Takeshi Yamazaki
Takuro Fuse
Producer(s)Motohide Eshiro
Designer(s)Yoriki Daigo
Artist(s)Takuro Fuse
Writer(s)Takeshi Yamazaki
Hironao Fukada
Masakazu Eguchi
Composer(s)Noriyuki Iwadare
Toshihiko Horiyama
Masami Onodera
SeriesAce Attorney
Platform(s)Nintendo 3DS, iOS, Android
ReleaseNintendo 3DS
  • JP: June 9, 2016
  • WW: September 8, 2016
iOS, Android
  • WW: September 21, 2017
Genre(s)Adventure, visual novel

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Spirit of Justice (known in Japan as Gyakuten Saiban 6 (逆転裁判6, literally "Turnabout Trial 6")) is a visual novel adventure video game. The game was developed and released by Capcom. It is the sixth game in the Ace Attorney video game series. The game came out for the Nintendo 3DS in Japan in June 2016.[1] After that, in September 2016 the game came out on the 3DS in Europe and North America.[2] It also came out on iOS and Android in September 2017.[3] The game came out after Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney − Dual Destinies which was the fifth game in the series.

The game shows the story of the three main lawyers in Dual Destinies, Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes. It also introduces a new location in the game, the fictional "Kingdom of Khura'in" that was not in the other games and brings back characters from the older games.

Gameplay[change | change source]

Spirit of Justice is very similar to the older games in the Ace Attorney series. People playing the game will be one of the three main characters in the game; Phoenix Wright, Apollo Justice, and Athena Cykes and they will defend their clients in court. Each section of the game has two types of gameplay. They are the investigations and trials. In the investigations, the players have to get information from people and look for evidence. In the trials, players will use the evidence to find contradictions.

Many things that were in older games came back to Spirit of Justice, like the "Psyche-Locks" from Justice for All or "Perceiving" from Apollo Justice. New things in the game include "Divination Séances". In the divination séances, the players have to pay close attention to what happens.[4]

Plot[change | change source]

The story of Spirit of Justice begins one year after the game before it, Dual Destinies. The game's setting is in Los Angeles, California like all of the other games. The game also introduces a new location, the kingdom of Khura'in (which is not real). The kingdom of Khura'in in the game is in South Asia. Almost half of the game is set in the kingdom of Khura'in and the rest is in Los Angeles. Many characters come back in the game from the older games.

The game begins when Phoenix goes to Khura'in to visit Maya Fey (who came back from the original game). This is because Maya was about to finish training for spirit channeling. When Phoenix gets to Khura'in, his tour guide is accused of stealing an artifact, the "Founder's Orb" and murder. Phoenix learns that Khura'in is against lawyers. This is because in Khura'in there is a law called the Defence Culpability Act where if a criminal is found guilty, then the lawyer will also be given the same punishment. He also learns that most of the lawyers in Khura'in were executed under this law. He defends Ahlbi and proves him not guilty.

In Los Angeles, Athena and Apollo are defending Trucy Wright. Trucy is the daughter of Phoenix. They are defending her against the prosecutor Nahyuta Sadhmadhi. This was after she was accused of killing someone while she was performing on stage. In Khura'in, Phoenix reunites with Maya. He then has to defend Maya after she is accused of killing a priest. Phoenix also meets a member of the Defiant Dragons. In the game, the Defiant Dragons are doing a nonviolent revolution. He finds out that the leader of the group, Dhurke Sahdmadhi is Nahyuta's father.

Development[change | change source]

Motohide Eshiro was the producer of the game

Spirit of Justice was produced by Motohide Eshiro.[5] It was directed by Takeshi Yamazaki and Takuro Fuse. Yamazaki was in charge of the game's story. Fuse was in charge of how the game looked and how players would play the game.[6] Most of the game's music was made by Noriyuki Iwadare.[7] Some of the other music was made by Toshihiko Horiyama and Masami Onodera. Horiyama had also made the music for Apollo Justice: Ace Attorney. Capcom first began talking about it in December 2013. This was when they were thinking about ideas for the new game.[8] The game was announced in Japan and North America in September 2015. When Capcom announced the game, it was almost 30% finished.[9] Most of the development was finished in the end of 2015. The people making the game were already working on adding the last things in the game.[6]

Yamazaki was the only director for Dual Destinies. When he was finished with Dual Destinies, he became very tired of working on Ace Attorney games and he wanted to stop working on those games. Eshiro wanted him to continue working on the games. Eshiro brought Yamazaki to a press conference in Taiwan and the San Diego Comic-Con. This was so that Yamazaki could meet with the media and fans of the series.[6]

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