Photo booth

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A photo booth

A photo booth is a vending machine that takes instant photos. After you pay, usually in coins, a computer-based screen and often a recorded voice will tell you when the picture will be taken, how many shots will be taken and when the photo is developed.

Anatol Josepho invented the first self-automated photo booth in 1925. Photo booths began as black and white, film-based machines to fully coloured, digitalised machines.

There are many types of photo booths today that offer different sizes and kinds of photos such as passport photos and photos for identification. Also, some photo booths give you a number of tools you can use to create different features for your photos. Sticker photos are a good example. Sticker photos are instant photos printed on sticker-based material. After you take your picture, you can change backgrounds the tone or the color of the photo and insert letters and symbols. Invented in Japan, photo sticker booths are especially popular in Asian countries among teens and grown-ups alike.

Nowadays, the term photo booth also refers to Apple's photography program that features editing tool such as black-and-white, pencil and comic book.