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Physiotherapy, also called physical therapy, is used to treat pain by using methods such as interferential therapy, ultrasonic, short wave diathermy, wax therapy, and muscle strengthening exercises.

Physiotherapy plays an important role in the recovery of stroke patients. It also plays a major role in treating children with cerebral palsy, and in cardiopulmonary rehabilitation.

Physiotherapy has three main categories which are orthopedics, neurophysiotherapy, and cardiorespiratory physiotherapy.

It is known to the world that Physiotherapist are doctors, but till 1886 it was not consider as Doctors. They didn't had the right degree to enter themselves in medicines. These were the people of masseuse who protested and made campaign about making them placed in Medicine. After 72 years of protest they were given the permission to enter the medicine line. But in some countries Physiotherapist are still not consider as doctors, they just call them masseuse.