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Pico Turquino

Coordinates: 19°59′22″N 76°50′09″W / 19.98944°N 76.83583°W / 19.98944; -76.83583
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Pico Turquino
Pico Turquino is located in Cuba
Pico Turquino
Pico Turquino
Highest point
Elevation1,974 m (6,476 ft)
Prominence1,974 m (6,476 ft)
Coordinates19°59′22″N 76°50′09″W / 19.98944°N 76.83583°W / 19.98944; -76.83583
English translationTurquino Peak
Language of nameSpanish
Parent rangeSierra Maestra

Pico Turquino is a mountain in the Sierra Maestra Mountain Range in eastern Cuba. It is the highest point in the country. It was first climbed in February 1915 and it was made a national park by the Cuban government.