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Pierre Guéry (born 1965) is a French writer, poet and performer.

Life and work[change | change source]

Born in Marseille (France), he studied music, drama and modern dance and gained a doctorate in literature and phonetics.[1]

These various strands merge together in his poetic work.[2] He is a performance poet, for whom very different places can be stages for his reading. Illness, madness and mourning are the main subjects of his sound poetry. He uses his voice in many different ways in his performances, from whispering to screaming, from sounds that are not words to formal reciting.

Since 2006 he has been taking part in various poetic and artistic events in France, Belgium, Canada, Germany and Lebanon.

In 2009 he translated the Poems of Guantanamo into French, and he has translated some work of important beat poets and spoken word artists such as Anne Waldman and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, from the American.[3]

Works[change | change source]

Audio Recordings[change | change source]

  • Kit to be hacked, electronic poems, L'Ovni Tendre/Bourbaki, 2000
  • Slackness, electronic poems 2, L'Ovni Tendre/Bourbaki, 2002
  • Alien-Nation, Plaine Page, 2008

Books[change | change source]

Author[change | change source]

  • Alien-Nation (poetry), Bookleg, Maelström, 2006
  • Bascule (poetry), Bookleg, Maelström, 2006
  • Erotographie (poetry), Biliki, 2007
  • En quel pays étrange (poetry), Compact, Maelström, 2009
  • HP 1999 (novel), Sens&Tonka/L'une&l'autre, 2009
  • Week-end avec Hellènes- Error in fabula (novel), Sens&Tonka/L'une&l'autre, 2010
  • Poéstreet, des marches de poésie urbaine (poetry), Compact, Maelström, 2011
  • La Rhétorique des culs (novel), Sens&Tonka/L'une&l'autre, 2011

Translator[change | change source]

References[change | change source]

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