Pinar del Río Province

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Capital: Pinar del Río
Area: 10,904.03km²
Inhabitants: 726,574
Population Density: 66.63 per km²

Pinar del Río is one of the provinces of Cuba. It is at the western end of the island of Cuba.

The Pinar del Río province has one of Cuba's three main mountain ranges, the Cordillera de Guaniguanico. The mountains are divided into the easterly Sierra del Rosario and the westerly Sierra de los Organos. These form a landscape characterised by steep sided limestone hills and flat, fertile valleys.

Tobacco farm in Pinar de Rio

The province relies on tobacco farming, with Pinar del Río producing 70% of Cuba's crop, used to make the cigars that are so prized overseas. The best tobacco, used for more expensive cigar brands, is grown in the flat lands of San Juan y Martínez. Tourism in the Viñales Valley is another important part of the economy.

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