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Children's television series
Clay animation
Stop motion
Surreal humour
Created byOtmar Gutmann
Written bySilvio Mazzola
StarringCarlo Bonomi (series 1-4)
Marcello Magni and
David Sant (series 5 and 6)
ComposerPygos Group
Country of originSwitzerland
No. of seasonsOriginal series: 4
Revived series: 2
6 (total)
No. of episodesOriginal series: 105
Revived series: 52
157 (total) (list of episodes)
Running timeApproximately five minutes
Production companyTrickfilmstudio Otmar Gutmannn SRG/ZRG/Telepool/Editoy (1990-2000) The Pygos Group (1990-2000) HiT Entertainment (2003-2006) Hot Animation (2003-2006)
Original release
NetworkSF DRS


BBC Two CBBC (1990-2002)
TCC (1994-1997)
CBeebies (2002-2015)
BBC One (2001-present)
Release7 March 1990 (1990-03-07) –
3 March 2006 (2006-03-03)

Pingu is a cartoon series for children about a penguin called Pingu.[1] The series is popular in many countries because the characters only make sounds instead of saying words.[2]

Pingu was made in Switzerland and the United Kingdom on May 28, 1986.[3] The show was designed by Otmar Gutmann.[4] It aired on CBBC from 1990 to 2002 and CBeebies from 2002 to 2015. From 1993 to 2003, VHS releases were by BBC's Toybox line. As of 2003, all releases for DVD's are by HiT Entertainment.


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The cast of Pingu includes the family and friends of Pingu.

  • Pingu is the main character of the cartoon. He is a cheerful and bright emperor penguin. When he makes loud noises, his beak looks like a trumpet.
  • Pinga is the younger sister of Pingu. She is a little tomboyish.
  • Robby is seal and a friend of Pingu. He is very clever and an artist.
  • Pingi is Pingu's girlfriend.
  • Pingo, Pingg, Pongi and Punki are friends of Pingu.
  • Papa and Maman are Pingu's parents.


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Original series

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Series 1 (1990)

  1. Pingu is Introduced
  2. Pingu Helps with Incubating
  3. Pinga is Born
  4. Pingu Goes Fishing
  5. Pingu Helps to Deliver Mail
  6. Pingu is Jealous
  7. Pingu and the Snowball Fight
  8. Pinga is Left Out
  9. Pingu Plays Fish Tennis
  10. Pingu and the Avalanche Incident
  11. Pingu Plays Ice Hockey
  12. Pingu and Pinga Don't Want to Go to Bed
  13. Pingu on Makeshift Skis
  14. Pingu Runs Away from Home
  15. Pingu Builds an Igloo
  16. Pingu has Music Lessons
  17. Pingu in the Ice Cave
  18. Pingu's Tobogganing
  19. Pingu's Lavatory Story
  20. Pingu at School
  21. Pingu's Grandfather is Ill
  22. Pingu and Pinga Play Circus
  23. Pingu and the Organ Grinder
  24. Pingu and his Friends Play Too Loudly
  25. Pingu's Parents Go to a Concert
  26. Pingu's Dream

Series 2 (1991–1994)

  1. Pingu at the Doctor
  2. Pingu's Admirer
  3. Pingu and the Seagull
  4. Pingu Surfing on the Ice
  5. Pingu's First Kiss
  6. Pingu's Curling Party
  7. Pingu as an Icicle Player
  8. Pingu as a Chef
  9. Pingu's Family Celebrate Christmas
  10. Pingu's Outing
  11. Pingu and the Camera
  12. Pingu's Parents Have No Time
  13. Pingu and the Packing Material
  14. Pingu and the Apprentice Magician
  15. Pingu's Birthday
  16. Pingu at the Fairground
  17. Pingu as Babysitter
  18. Pingu Cannot Lose
  19. Pingu and the Disabled Penguin
  20. Pingu and the Gift
  21. Pingu's Hospital Visit
  22. Pingu on the School Trip
  23. Pingu Visits the Kindergarten
  24. Pingu and the Stranger
  25. Pingu Helps Around the House
  26. Pingu Builds a Snowman

Series 3 (1995–1996)

  1. Pingu the Cross Country Skier
  2. Pingu's Museum Visit
  3. Pingu's Grandfather Comes to Visit
  4. Pingu's Big Trip
  5. Pingu Pretends to be Ill
  6. Pingu the Painter
  7. Pingu's Prank
  8. Pingu and the Bird's Mother
  9. Pingu Argues with his Mother
  10. Pingu and the Message in a Bottle
  11. Pingu has an Idea
  12. Pingu and the Broken Vase
  13. Pingu and the Paper Plane
  14. Pingu Seeks Revenge
  15. Pingu and the Mix Up
  16. Pingu and the Toy
  17. Pingu Plays Superman
  18. Pingu has a Fishing Competition
  19. Pingu Hides a Letter
  20. Pingu is not Allowed to Join in the Games
  21. Pingu Draws a Winner
  22. Pingu and the Ghost
  23. Pingu and the Postcard
  24. Pingu and the Discovery
  25. Pingu Steals
  26. Pingu and the Lost Ball

Series 4 (1998–2000)

  1. Pingu's Disadvantage
  2. Pingu Refuses to Help
  3. Pingu the Mountaineer
  4. Pingu and the Big Fish
  5. Pingu Shows What He Can
  6. Pingu Clears the Snow
  7. Pingu has a Day Off
  8. Pingu the Archer
  9. Pingu gets a Warning
  10. Pingu and the Magnet
  11. Pingu gets Help
  12. Pingu in Paradise
  13. Pingu's Dangerous Joke
  14. Pingu the Pilot
  15. Pingu Teases Pinga
  16. Pingu's Wish
  17. Pingu is Curious
  18. Pingu gets Organaised
  19. Pingu Builds a Tower
  20. Pingu the King
  21. Pingu the Baker
  22. Pingu and the Doll
  23. Pingu Helps Grandfather
  24. Pingu on a Bad Day
  25. Pingu Loses the Bet
  26. Pingu and his Cup

Revived series

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Series 5 (2003–2004)

  1. Pingu's Bouncy Fun
  2. Pingu Finishes the Job
  3. Pingu Digs a Hole
  4. Pingi's Valentine Card
  5. Pingu Wants to Fly
  6. Pingu's Windy Day
  7. Pinga's Lost Rabbit
  8. Pingu's Moon Adventure
  9. Pinga's Sleepwalks
  10. Robby the Snowboarder
  11. Pingu has the Hiccups
  12. Like Father, Like Pingu
  13. Pingu's Ice Sculptures
  14. Pinga's Balloon
  15. Pingu and the Knitting Machine
  16. Pingu's Balancing Act
  17. Pingu Gets Lost
  18. Pingu and Pinga Go Camping
  19. Stinky Pingu
  20. Pingu and the Band
  21. Pingu and the Snowball
  22. Pingu's Stick Up
  23. Pingu and the Doorbell
  24. Pingu Plays Tag
  25. Pingu's Pancakes
  26. Pingu's Bedtime Shadow

Series 6 (2005–2006)

  1. Pingu's Sledge Academy
  2. Pingu and the Hose
  3. Pottery Pingu
  4. Pingu and the Litter
  5. Mother's New Hat
  6. Poor Pinga
  7. Pinga in a Box
  8. Pingu and the Present
  9. Pingu and the Toy Shop
  10. Pingu and the Paper Mache
  11. Sore Tummy Pingu
  12. Pingu gets Carried Away
  13. Pingu and the School Pet
  14. Pampering Pingu
  15. Green Eyed Pingu
  16. Pingu Wraps Up
  17. Pingu and the Fish Flute
  18. Pingu Boogaloo
  19. Pingu and the Daily Igloo
  20. Pingu and the Rubberband Plane
  21. Pingu and the Braces
  22. Pingu's Big Catch
  23. Pingu and the New Scooter
  24. Pingu and the Paint
  25. Pingu Makes a Big Splash
  26. Pingu and the Abominable Snowman

Personality of Pingu

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  • He does not like green vegetables. They upset him.
  • His birthday is 22nd August.
  • Pingu's favorite toy is a bear doll, and Pinga's one is a rabbit doll.
  • He likes music.


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In the United Kingdom, the BBC aired the original version of Pingu on the Children's BBC slot on BBC One from 1990 onwards. In 2002, when the BBC created the CBBC channel, it was moved to its preschool channel CBeebies. They used the original cartoon title card for series 1-2, and the first 13 episodes of series 3 used the claymation-inspired intro. JimJam contains all of the show's 156 episodes and Pingu at the Wedding Party, but it contains the re-dubbed versions of series 1-2, and contains the original version of the special, without the titles and credits.

Home video releases

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Pingu received mostly positive reviews, Common Sense Media rated the show a 4 out of 5 stars stating "Parents need to know that this claymation series is funny, endearing, and entertaining. Although the series is appropriate for all ages, the plots might be difficult for the youngest viewers to follow".[5]


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