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Pipo de Clown

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Pipo de Clown (English: Pipo the Clown) is a clown who became very popular on Dutch television. The character was created by Wim Meuldijk. The actor who took the part of Pipo de Clown was Cor Witschge (1925-1991). The television series started in 1958 and was shown until 1980.

In the television programmes Pipo lives with his wife Mamaloe (pronounce: "Mamaloo") and their daughter Petra in a gypsy-style caravan. They say that they travel all over the world.

Recently new films have been made about Pipo de Clown.

Here are some of Pipo's famous sayings:

  • Sapperdeflap! (Pipo expressing surprise)
  • Hou 's even vast, Mamaloe! (Hold this a moment, Mamaloe!)
  • Dag vogels, dag bloemen, dag kinderen (Hello (or Goodbye) birds, hello flowers, hello children)