Place of articulation

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The Place of articulation tells where a sound is made (articulated). There are at least 13 different places of articulation. They are split into four big types.

Labial (Lips)[change | change source]

Labial sounds are made with one or two lips. They are split into three types:

Bilabial (Two Lips)[change | change source]

Bilabial sounds are made with both lips. The bilabial sounds in English are /m p b/.

Labiodental (Lip and Teeth)[change | change source]

Labiodental sounds are made with the lips and the teeth. Almost always the top lip and the bottom teeth are used. The labiodental sounds in English are /f v/.

Linguolabial (Lip and Tongue)[change | change source]

Linguolabial sounds are made by the tongue touching the top lip. There are no linguolabial sounds in English. Sometimes it is said to be part of the next group (Coronal).

Coronal (Tip of the Tongue)[change | change source]

Coronal sounds are made with the tip of the tongue. They are split into three types:

Dental (Teeth and Tongue)[change | change source]

Dental sounds are made by the tip of the tongue touching the back of the teeth. The dental sounds in English are /θ ð/.