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From left to right: official Pocket Cube, Eastsheen cube, V-Cube 2, V-Cube 2b.

The Pocket Cube is a 2x2 version of a Rubik's Cube. It contains just 8 corners.

Records[change | change source]

The record for one Pocket Cube solve is 0.49 seconds by Maciej Czapiewski at the Grudziądz Open 2016 (in Poland).[1] Zayn Khanani holds the record for the average of 5, which is 1.13 seconds, set at Empire State Summer Open B.

Other types[change | change source]

There is a Pocket Cube with only pink and green, called the Junior cube. On one side there is a monkey face on it.

The Eastsheen company also has Pocket Cube, but it is much larger. Each side is about 5 centimeters big.

A Rubik's Ice Cube has translucent (partly see-through) stickers. The plastic is light blue.

Verdes Innovations has a Pocket Cube called the V-Cube 2. There is a V-Cube 2b. It has a pillow shape to it.

Dayan has made a Pocket Cube called the Dayan 2x2. People think that this cube is very similar to the Dayan Zhanchi 3x3.

MoYu made the MoYu LingPo which is a very fast Pocket Cube.

Fangshi/Funs and Shengshou have also made Pocket Cubes.

There are many companies that make pocket cubes.

Ways to solve[change | change source]

There is more than 1 way to solve a Pocket Cube.

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References[change | change source]

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