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Pocoyo is a children's television series. Pocoyo does not talk very much. He has a few friends, including an elephant named Elly, a bird named Sleepy Bird and a duck named Pato.

Main character[change | change source]

  • Pocoyo is the main character of the series. He is a young boy full of curiosity who loves to play games and discover new things. He is always shown wearing blue clothes and a hat. He is (always) four years old; his "birthday" (when he inevitably turns four again) is October 14.[1] His best friends are Pato, Elly and Loula. He has a vehicle called the Vamoosh which he can use to travel under the water, in the air or through space. He is voiced by Montana Smedley most of the time, but occasionally, by Alex Marty.
  • Pato is a yellow duck who wears nothing but a small green hat. Pato means duck in Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, and Papiamento. A favourite amongst the young children due to his enjoyable dancing. Although friendly, Pato is the most fussy and impatient character (indicated by his beak that bends in an angle when disappointed or shocked); on occasion he completely loses his temper, jumping up and down and quacking furiously. He is used as a jackhammer or missile or a hat and can become a helicopter.
  • Elly is a pink elephant who always wears a blue back-pack. She loves making biscuits and tea, and she also has a doll that she loves very much. Despite her size, she is graceful and gentle, capable of ballet dancing. She usually rides around on her pink scooter.
  • Loula is Pocoyo's orange-yellow pet puppy and companion. Originally, the character's name was Lucas, in tribute to Creator and Director Guillermo García Carsi's dog, but for the series was lacking female characters so it was changed to Loula.
  • Sleepy Bird is a teal-coloured bird. She does little but sleep, and usually flies with her eyes closed. Named "Pajaroto" in the Spanish version (reportedly named after a Zinkia employee nicknamed "Maroto", and bearing a strong resemblance to him. The similar sounding Pajarito means "little bird" in Spanish.), and "Pájaro Dormilón" in the Latin American version. Pájaro means bird in Spanish. She can be active from time to time, but it's far more likely she will be found asleep or snoozing.

Secondary characters[change | change source]

  • Aliens are sweet little green beings that Pocoyo finds in space in search of his toy plane.
  • Baby Bird is the small, active and loud baby of Sleepy Bird, who gets into tricky situations from which he is rescued by Pocoyo. Named "Pajarito" in Spanish version ('little bird')
  • Ball Orchestra is a group of three ball-like creatures who play the trumpet, drums and cymbals.
  • Butterfly is a very hungry butterfly which Pocoyo occasionally catches.
  • Caterpillar (named "Valentina" in Spanish) is a yellow caterpillar with a blue bow on top of her head. She speaks in gibberish and has the ability to change into a butterfly and back when she wants.
  • (Fred the) Octopus is a red octopus (although shown with only 4 legs, as to make animation rendering simpler) who speaks in gibberish like Caterpillar, and is very fond of singing. He appears in random episodes, sometimes as a major character, sometimes in passing. As of Season Two, he is sometimes referred to as 'Fred'.
  • Finbar the Horse is a giddy horse who loves to dance.
  • Music Flower & The Band are musical characters who play music that Pocoyo likes.
  • Whale is a huge white whale with red cheeks who Pocoyo meets under the sea.
  • Jim is a knight with a blue color who Pocoyo meets in The Greatest. He is voiced by British actress Courtney Webb.

Episode list[change | change source]

To date two series have been produced, each with 52 episodes. There is also an unreleased episode entitled "The See-Saw".[2]

Season 1 (2005-2006)[change | change source]

  1. Hush starfire
  1. Dance superman
  2. Drum Roll Please flash
  3. Umbrella, Umbrella for wonder woman
  4. A Mystery Most Puzzling scarecrow
  5. A Present For boomarang

killer crocs Big Sneeze

  1. Double k moth
  2. ras al ghuls Surprise
  3. Swept Away by taila
  4. Who's On the Phone? catwoman
  5. Fetch ridler Fetch
  6. A Little Cloud for cold
  7. Table for deathstroke
  8. Keep Going, grood!
  9. Where's quiin?
  10. Drummer corp
  11. The Great corp Race
  13. Boo COBLEPOT
  14. Magical Watering Can for ivy
  15. Twinkle Twinkle yellow latern jokers Hiccups
  16. rokets'Postal Service
  17. girl Love
  19. GROOTs Spots
  20. Up Up and Away GAMORA
  21. A Surprise for drax
  22. Have a Ball marvel
  23. Super amrica
  25. The Key to It All STARK
  26. Fuzzy she hulk
  27. hulks Birthday
  28. strange's Big Chase
  29. Bedtime for karl
  30. 1 Juggling Balls

parkers Little Friend

  1. parker paker
  2. This jane
  3. Musical may
  4. Paint Me a Picture ghost rider
  5. tiger's Doll
  6. Giggle stacey
  7. 13 Gets It Right
  8. A winter solgers Life
  9. What's In The Box panther
  10. giantmanlympics

antman Colours his World

  1. A Little Something Between hills
  2. Once Upon a widow

Season 2 (2006-2007)[change | change source]

  1. Pocoyo's Present
  2. Pocoyo's Balloon
  3. Big Scary Slide
  4. Elly's Ballet Class
  5. The Messy Guest
  6. Guess What?
  7. Mr Big Duck
  8. Mad Mix Machine
  9. Who's Calling Me Now?
  10. Band of Friends
  11. Upside Down
  12. New on the Planet
  13. All for One
  14. Elly's Shoes
  15. Stuck Duck
  16. Scary Noises
  17. Not in my Backyard
  18. Vamoosh on the Loosh
  19. Detective Pocoyo
  20. Scooter Madness
  21. Lost in Space
  22. Monster Mystery
  23. Party Popper
  24. My Pato!
  25. Baby Bird Bother
  26. Dirty Dog
  27. The Seed
  28. Runaway Hat
  29. Invisible Pocoyo
  30. Noise to my Ears
  31. Baby Bird Sitting
  32. Everyone's Present
  33. Magic Act
  34. Picnic Puzzle
  35. Dance Off!
  36. Pato's Egg
  37. Pocoyo's Puppet Show
  38. Get Lost Loula
  39. Sneaky Shoes
  40. Shutterbug
  41. Angry Alien
  42. Pato's Paintings
  43. Mystery Footprints
  44. Pato Underwater
  45. Poczilla
  46. Elly on Ice
  47. Farewell Friends
  48. Double Trouble
  49. Horse!
  50. Elly's Tea Party
  51. Talent Show
  52. Remember When...

References[change | change source]

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