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In Italy, there is a multi-party system. This means that it is unlikely for any one party to gain a majority in the Italian parliament and so coalitions between several parties must be formed.

Major Parties[change | change source]

Major parties are parties with representation in the Italian parliament.

The People of Freedom (Il Popolo della Libertà) - A centre-right party that promotes liberal conservatism, Christian democracy and liberalism. It's leader Silvio Berlusconi is the Italian Prime Minister.

Democratic Party (Partito Democratico) - A centre-left party that promotes social democracy.

Northern League (Lega Nord) - A federalist party which wants to make the region of Italy called Padania an independent country.

Future and Freedom (Futuro e Libertà) - A centre-right party which promotes liberal conservatism and national conservatism.

Italy of Values (Italia dei Valori) - A centrist party which promotes populism and anti-corruption.

Union of Christian and Centre Democrats - A centrist party which promotes Christian democracy and social conservatism.

Minor parties[change | change source]

Having a minor representation in elective bodies with less than 4% of the vote in the 2008 general election: