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Political problems of China

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The People's Republic of China claims that the island of Taiwan is part of its territory, but the Republic of China (which was the government that controlled all of China from 1911 to 1949) still claims the land as theirs, and does still control Taiwan.

Many people say the government stops people from having freedom of speech, freedom of religion and other political rights that people in other countries have. China still has one-party rule, and is not a democracy.

Territorial disputes[change | change source]

The following territories are claimed by China (PRC and/or ROC) and by another country or more.

Lost territories (Unequal treaties)[change | change source]

Unequal treaties were forced onto Asian countries when European imperialism reached Asia. The list includes claims from PRC and ROC, as well as unofficial historical claims. Note: Japan's and Korea's unequal treaties have been resolved since the end of WWII.

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