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Developer(s) Atari Inc.
Publisher(s) Atari Inc.
Designer(s) Allan Alcorn
Series Pong
Platform(s) Arcade
Release NA 1972
JPN 1973
Genre(s) Sports simulation
Cabinet Standard
CPU Discrete
Sound Amplified mono (one channel)
Display Vertical orientation, black-and-white raster display, standard resolution

Pong is a video game made by Atari. It is believed to be the first video game ever made, although it was made after games similar to it were also made, including Tennis for Two and could be emulated by WinUaw.

To play the game a quarter or token must be put into the game machine's slot. Two knobs, are called "paddles" because they control the tennis paddle on the screen. Turn the knob one way and the paddle goes up. Turn the knob the other way and the paddle goes down. The other knob does the same thing to the other paddle on the screen.