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A pop it "is essentially a silicone-based tray of half-sphere 'bubbles' that can be pushed in, thrilling kids with the resulting popping sound."[1] Once a "bubble" has been pushed down, it can be pushed back up, also resulting in the same sound. All the "bubbles" make the same sound when pushed. The toys come in various shapes, including rectangles, circles, hands, and unicorns.  They also come in a variety of sizes and colors.[2] In addition to the simple act of popping, games of various sorts are played using the toys.[2] They were a fad in the spring of 2021. In May, BBC reported that there had been two and a half billion views on a video-viewing platform, TikTok.[3] A similar toy is the Dimpl, or a Simple Dimple, or Simpl Dimpl. The difference is that Simple Dimples are usually smaller and can be of different sizes.[4]

Pop its were preceded by a somewhat similar fidget toy, the Pop It Pal, invented in 2017 by Billy and Summer Pierce.[5]

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