Pope Benedict VIII

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Benedict VIII
Papacy beganMay 18, 1012
Papacy endedApril 9, 1024
PredecessorPope Sergius IV
SuccessorPope John XIX
Personal details
Birth nameTeofillato (Theophylactus)
Bornc. 980
Died(1024-04-09)April 9, 1024
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Pope Benedict VIII (Latin: Benedictus Octavus;   –died April 9, 1024), born Teofillato or Theophylactus, was an Italian cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 144th Pope from 1012 to 1024.[1]

Early life[change | change source]

Teofillato was the son of Gregory, Count of Tusculum. He was the brother of Pope John XIX.[2] He was related to Pope Sergius IV[3] and the Conti family.[4]

Pope[change | change source]

Teofillato was a layman before he was elected pope in 1012.[2]

Benedict was supported by King Henry II of Saxony. Benedict crowned Henry Holy Roman Emperor in 1014.[5]

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Preceded by
Sergius IV
Succeeded by
John XIX