Pope Gregory XI

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Gregory XI
Papacy began December 30, 1370
Papacy ended March 27, 1378
Predecessor Pope Urban V
Successor Pope Urban VI
Personal details
Birth name Pierre Roger de Beaufort
Born 1331
Limousin, France
Died March 27, 1378(1378-03-27)
Other Popes named Gregory

Pope Gregory XI (Latin: Gregorius Undecimus; 1331 –27 March 1378), born Pierre Roger de Beaufort, was an French cleric of the Roman Catholic Church and the 202nd Pope from 1370 until his death.[1]

He was the seventh and last of the popes who lived in Avignon in France.

Early life[change | change source]

Pierre Roger de Beaufort was born in 1331 in Limousin in France.[2] The Rosier or Roger family were important in Limousin in central France.[3]

Beaufort was a nephew of Pope Clement VI.[4]

Cardinal[change | change source]

Clement VI raised Beaufort to the rank of cardinal in 1348.[4]

Pope[change | change source]

Cardinal Beaufort was elected pope in 1370; and he chose to be called Gergory XI. He was ordained as a priest on January 4, 1371; and was crowned pope on the following day, January 5, 13271[4]

In 1377, Gregory XI was persuaded by Catherine of Siena to return to Rome.[5] He reestablished the papacy in Italy.[4]

Gregory is also remembered as the Pope who condemned John Wycliffe.[5]

Western Schism[change | change source]

When Gregory died on March 27, 1378, the cardinals in Rome elected an Italian-born pope named Urban VI as his successor.[4]

In Avignon, the cardinals elected a French-born pope who they named Clement VII.[4]

The Western Schism begins with the dispute between the supporters of the Italian-born pope and the French-born pope.[4]

Popes of the Western Schism
Antipope John XXIII Antipope John XXIII Antipope Alexander V Pope Gregory XII Pope Innocent VII Pope Innocent VII Pope Boniface IX Pope Urban VI Avignon Pope Benedict XIII Avignon Pope Clement VII Pope Martin V Pope Gregory XI

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The Coat of Arms of Gregory XI
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Preceded by
Urban V
Succeeded by
Urban VI