Potloi (costume)

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Potloi wearers performing a cultural dance at Rashtrapati Bhawan
Meitei language film actresses, Bala Hijam (left/behind), Kamala Saikhom (middle) and Soma Laishram (right/front) in different Meitei Hindu bridal costumes, like "Potloi" and ornamental skirt

Potloi or Polloi (literally, "final product" or "end product") is a cylindrical skirt made up of thick fabric that is ornamented with sequins and mirrors.[1] It is usually used by the Meitei Hindu brides in Meitei wedding and the dancers in the Manipuri Rasa Leela dance.[2][3][4][5][6] Notably, it is not used by the brides in traditional (Sanamahist) Meitei wedding.[3]

Interestingly, Radha and Chandrabali wear green potloi and red blouse whereas the Gopis wear red potloi and green blouse in the Manipuri dance.

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