Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, Mali

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"Pour l'Afrique et pour toi" (French: For Africa and for you, Mali) is the national song of Mali. Seydou Badian Kouyate wrote the words and Banzoumana Sissoko wrote the music. It became Mali's national song in 1962 and it is a normal song of love of the country. It is about how the people of Mali would sacrifice their lives for their nation and for freedom. A common theme in the song is wanting to unite Africa. The chorus is written below:

Pour l'Afrique et pour toi, Mali,
Notre drapeau sera liberté.
Pour l'Afrique et pour toi Mali
Notre combat sera unité.
Ô Mali d'aujourd'hui
Ô Mali de demain
Les champs fleurissent d'espérance
Les cœurs vibrent de confiance

In English::

For Africa and for you, Mali,
Our banner shall be liberty.
For Africa and for you, Mali,
Our fight shall be for unity.
Oh, Mali of today,
Oh, Mali of tomorrow,
The fields are flowering with hope
And hearts are thrilling with confidence.