Power Rangers Operation Overdrive

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Power Rangers Operation Overdrive is a TV show Power Rangers started in 2007. It aired from February 26 to November 12 2007 32 episodes. It is based on the Super Sentai series GoGo Sentai Boukenger. It is the sequel to Power Rangers Mystic Force. A sequel to called Power Rangers Jungle Fury started in 2008.

Plot[change | change source]

Five teenagers set out to protect ancient jewels which hold great powers from the hands of two evil brothers who want to use it for selfish reasons.

Characters[change | change source]

Actor Name Rangers
James Maclurcan Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford Red Overdrive Ranger
Catilin Murphy Veronica "Ronny" Robinson Yellow Overdrive Ranger
Samuell Benta William "Will" Aston Black Overdrive Ranger
Rhoda Montemayor Rose Ortiz Pink Overdrive Ranger
Gareth Yuen Dax Lo Blue Overdrive Ranger
Dwayne Cameron Tyzonn Mercury Overdrive Ranger

Cast[change | change source]

Rangers[change | change source]

  • James Maclurcan as Mackenzie "Mack" Hartford, the Red Overdrive Ranger.
  • Catilin Murphy as Veronica "Ronny" Robinson, the Yellow Overdrive Ranger.
  • Samuell Benta as William "Will" Aston, the Black Overdrive Ranger.
  • Rhoda Montemayor as Rose Ortiz, the Pink Overdrive Ranger.
  • Gareth Yuen as Dax Lo, the Blue Overdrive Ranger.
  • Dwayne Cameron as Tyzonn, the Mercury Overdrive Ranger.

Supporting characters[change | change source]

  • Rod Lousich as Andrew Hartford.
  • David Weatherley as Spencer.
  • Campbell Cooley as Alpha 6 (voice).
  • Nic Sampson as Sentinel Knight (voice).
  • Beth Allen as Villa.
  • Veteran Rangers
    • Johnny Yong Bosch as Adam Park, the second Black Ranger.
    • Tori Hanson as Tori Hanson, the Blue Wind Ranger.
    • Emma Lahana as Kira Ford, the Yellow Dino Ranger.
    • Matt Austin as Bridge Carson, the third S.P.D. Red Ranger.
    • Richard Brancatisano as Xander Bly, the Green Mystic Ranger.

Villains[change | change source]

  • Gerald Urquhart as Flurious.
  • Ria Vandervis as Miratrix.
  • Kelson Henderson as Norg and the voice of Mig.
  • Mark Ferguson as the voice of Moltor.

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