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Premier of Quebec

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Premier of Quebec
François Legault

since October 18, 2018
Government of Quebec
Office of the Premier
StyleThe Honourable
Member of
Reports toNational Assembly of Quebec
ResidenceEdifice Price (Price Building)
SeatQuebec City
AppointerLieutenant Governor of Quebec
Term lengthAt Her Majesty's pleasure
Inaugural holderPierre-Joseph-Olivier Chauveau
FormationJuly 15, 1867[1]
Salary$90,850 plus $95,393 (indemnity and allowances)[2]

The Premier of Quebec (French: Premier ministre du Québec (masculine) or Première ministre du Québec (feminine)) is the head of government of the Canadian province of Quebec. The current Premier of Quebec is François Legault.

The Premier is most usually the head of the party winning the most seats in the National Assembly of Quebec, and is normally a sitting member of the National Assembly.

The role of the Premier of Quebec is to set the legislative roles on the opening speech of the National Assembly.


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