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President of Austria

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Federal President of Austria
Alexander Van der Bellen

since 26 January 2017
ResidenceHofburg Imperial Palace
Term lengthSix years
(renewable once;
terms may be consecutive)
Inaugural holderKarl Seitz
Karl Renner
Formation5 March 1919
20 December 1945

The President of Austria is the federal head of state of Austria. Even though the constitution says the President has a lot of power, in practice the President is mostly a figurehead. The President of Austria is elected once in every six years. His or her offices are in the Leopoldine Wing of the Hofburg Imperial Palace, in Vienna.

Many former Presidents have had a lot of popularity while in office. No incumbent has ever lost a bid for re-election. Since 2017 the President has been Alexander Van der Bellen.

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