President of Guatemala

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President of the
Republic of Guatemala
Presidente de la República de Guatemala
Bernardo Arévalo

since 15 January 2024
Office of the President of Guatemala
National Security Council
StyleMr. President
Most Excellent Mr. President of the Republic
His Excellency
(alternative formal, diplomatic outside of Guatemala)
Member ofCabinet
ResidenceNational Palace
SeatGuatemala City
AppointerSupreme Electoral Court
Term lengthFour years
Constituting instrumentGuatemalan Constitution
Inaugural holderMariano Rivera Paz
Formation3 December 1839
DeputyVice President of Guatemala
Salary146,950 GTQ monthly
($19,742 as of May 2018)[1]

The President of Guatemala (Spanish: Presidente de Guatemala) officially known as the President of the Republic of Guatemala (Spanish: Presidente de la República de Guatemala), is the head of state and head of government of Guatemala, elected to a single four-year term.

The job of President was created in 1839. From 1821 until 1839, the head of state of Guatemala was styled simply as Head of State (Spanish: Jefe de Estado).

Requirements to hold office[change | change source]

According to article 185 of the constitution, the following is required to be president:

  • A Guatemalan of origin who is a citizen in good standing.
  • Forty years of age.

Living former presidents[change | change source]

The most recent president to die was Álvaro Colom (served 2008–2012), on 23 January 2023, at the age of 71.

References[change | change source]

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