President of Montenegro

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President of
Presidential Standard of Montenegro.svg
Standard of the President of Montenegro
Milo Đukanović in 2010 (cropped).jpg
Milo Đukanović

since 20 May 2018
ResidenceBlue Palace in Cetinje
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
Inaugural holderMomir Bulatović
Formation23 December 1990

The President of Montenegro (Montenegrin: Predsjednik Crne Gore, Predśednik Crne Gore) is the head of state of Montenegro. The current president is Milo Đukanović, who was elected in 2018. The official residence of the President is the Blue Palace located in the former royal capital Cetinje.

Each president has a term of 5 years in office. The president can call elections for the Assembly. If the president is removed from office, a special election is held to select a replacement.

List of Presidents[change | change source]

  Democratic Party of Socialists

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