President of the Republic of Poland

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Andrzej Duda, current President of Poland

The President of the Republic of Poland (Polish: Prezydent Rzeczypospolitej Polskiej) is the president of Poland. The president directly elected by the people to serve a term of five years. He can be reelected only once. His rights and responsibilities are determined by the Constitution of the Republic of Poland.

In agreement with the current Constitution, the President of the Republic of Poland is the head of state, the supreme representative of Poland and the guarantor of the continuity of government and is prevented from holding office for more than two consecutive terms. This means that the President heads the executive authority, is appointed to represent Polish interests on the international arena, ensures the observance of the Constitution, and is responsible for the security of the state. The President calls elections to the Sejm and the Polish Senate. He has a right to dissolve the parliament when it fails to form a Council of Ministers or pass the budget act. He can (with the Senate's consent) call a national referendum in matters important for the state, requiring the decision of all the citizens.

Living former Presidents[change | change source]

There are three living former Polish Presidents: