President of Zimbabwe

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President of the
Republic of Zimbabwe
Emmerson Mnangagwa Official Portrait.jpg
Emmerson Mnangagwa

since 24 November 2017
StyleHis Excellency
(Formal, in international correspondence)
Comrade President
ResidenceState House
Appointerpopular vote
Term length5 years, renewable once[1]
Inaugural holderCanaan Banana
Formation18 April 1980
DeputyVice-President of Zimbabwe
SalaryUS$200,000 (2014)[2]

The President of Zimbabwe is the head of state of Zimbabwe. They are elected using a two-round system.

The President is also the head of government. the office of Prime Minister was abolished in 1987. Under the rules adopted by the same referendum, the president serves a maximum of two five-year terms.[3]

Presidents of Zimbabwe (1980–present)[change | change source]

No. President Took office Left office Time in office Party Election
Canaan Banana
Banana, CanaanCanaan Banana
18 April 198031 December 19877 years, 257 daysZANU1980
Robert Mugabe
Mugabe, RobertRobert Mugabe
31 December 198721 November 201729 years, 325 daysZANU–PF1990
Emmerson Mnangagwa
Mnangagwa, EmmersonEmmerson Mnangagwa
(born 1942)
24 November 2017Incumbent5 years, 120 daysZANU–PF2018

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