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The Prime Minister of Azerbaijan is the head of government of Azerbaijan. The President of Azerbaijan chooses the Prime Minister. The office of President has more powers than the office of Prime Minister. The current prime minister is Artur Rasizade.

List of Heads of Government of Azerbaijan (1918-Present)[change | change source]

Democratic Republic of Azerbaijan (1918-1920)[change | change source]

Prime Ministers[change | change source]

Transcaucasian Socialist Federative Soviet Republic (1922-1936) and Azerbaijan Soviet Socialist Republic (1936-1991)[change | change source]

Chairmen of the Council of People's Commissars[change | change source]

Chairmen of the Council of Ministers[change | change source]

Republic of Azerbaijan (1991-Present)[change | change source]

No. Prime Minister Term of office Political party Government Elected Ref
Portrait Name Took Office Left Office Days
1 Złożenie listów uwierzytelniających przez ambasadora Azerbejdżanu (1).jpg Hasan Hasanov
Azerbaijani: Həsən Həsənov
7 February 1991 4 April 1992 421 Independent 1. Mütəllibov I [1]
Made a deal with the Popular Front of Azerbaijan inviting them to form a coalition within the newly established government.
No image.png Firuz Mustafayev
Azerbaijani: Firuz Mustafayev
4 April 1992 14 May 1992 40 Independent [2]
Acting Prime Minister.
2 No image.png Rahim Huseynov
Azerbaijani: Rəhim Hüseynov
14 May 1992 30 January 1993 261 Independent 1. Mütəllibov I [3]
During his term in office, Gross national product fell by 20%.
No image.png Ali Masimov
Azerbaijani: Əli Məsimov
5 February 1993 28 April 1993 82 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party 1. Elçibəy I [4]
Acting Prime Minister. Authored the Azerbaijan Economic Progress Program and Main policies of Cabinet of Ministers program; Laid the foundation of Azerbaijan's Economic Independence Concepts and Agricultural Reforms Program; Established the Assistance Fund for Refugees and IDPs.
3 Pənah Hüseyn.jpg Panah Huseynov
Azerbaijani: Pənah Hüseynov
28 April 1993 30 June 1993 63 Azerbaijani Popular Front Party 3. Elçibəy I [5]
4 No image.png Surat Huseynov
Azerbaijani: Surət Hüseynov
30 June 1993 7 October 1994 464 Military 4. H.Əliyev II
Attempted a coup d'état, supported by the military, against Heydar Aliyev, which was immediately suppressed.
5 No image.png Fuad Guliyev
Azerbaijani: Fuad Quliyev
7 October 1994 20 July 1996 652 New Azerbaijan Party 5. H.Əliyev II [6]
Acting Prime Minister until 2 May 1995. Declared Sumgait a free economic zone and signed a contract with foreign oil companies for exploration, development and production at Karabakh oil field.
6 Artur Rasizadə (2009).jpg Artur Rasizade
Azerbaijani: Artur Rasi-zadə
20 July 1996 4 August 2003 2571 New Azerbaijan Party 6. H.Əliyev II
Acting Prime Minister as First Deputy Prime Minister until 26 November 1996. Acting Prime Minister from 18 to 24 October 1998.
7 Ilham Aliyev par Claude Truong-Ngoc juin 2014.jpg Ilham Aliyev
Azerbaijani: İlham Əliyev
4 August 2003 31 October 2003 88 New Azerbaijan Party 7. H.Əliyev II
8 Artur Rasizadə (2009).jpg Artur Rasizade
Azerbaijani: Artur Rasi-zadə
31 October 2003 21 April 2018 5286 New Azerbaijan Party 8. İ.Əliyev I
Acting for Prime Minister Ilham Aliyev from 6 August 2003 to 31 October 2003, when Aliyev took office as President of Azerbaijan. Acting Prime Minister as First Deputy Prime Minister from 31 October 2003 until 4 November 2003, when he was named Prime Minister.
9 Novruz Mammadov
Azerbaijani: Novruz Məmmədov
21 April 2018 8 October 2019 535 New Azerbaijan Party 9. İ.Əliyev III
10 Ali Asadov (2019-12-17).jpg Ali Asadov
Azerbaijani: Əli Əsədov
8 October 2019 Incumbent 1211 Independent 9. İ.Əliyev III

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