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President of the Government of Spain
Presidente del Gobierno de España
Spanish Presidential Flag.svg
Flag of Government Officials
Pedro Sánchez in 2018.jpg
Pedro Sánchez

since 1 June 2018
Style Excelentísimo Señor
Member of Council of Ministers
European Council
Residence Palacio de la Moncloa
Seat Madrid, Spain
Nominator The Monarch
Countersigned by the President of the Congress of Deputies
Appointer The Monarch
Following a vote of confidence by a majority of the Congress of Deputies and with the countersignature of the President of the Congress of Deputies
Term length No fixed term
General elections to the Congress of Deputies are held every 4 years at most. No term limits are imposed on the office.
Constituting instrument Constitution of 1978
Formation 1834, 1978 (in its current incarnation)
First holder Francisco Martínez de la Rosa, Adolfo Suárez (current Constitution)
Deputy Vice President of the Government
Salary €78,185 p.a.[1]

The President of the Government of Spain, (Spanish: Presidente del Gobierno),[2] is the head of Government of Spain. The office was created by the Constitution of 1978. The current Prime Minister is Pedro Sánchez. The first politician to carry the office of Prime Minister was Adolfo Suárez.

List of Prime Ministers (1976 – present)[change | change source]

Living former Prime Ministers[change | change source]

There are four living former Spanish Prime Ministers:

Felipe González (age 76)
José María Aznar (age 65)
José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero (age 57)
Mariano Rajoy (age 63)

The most recent Prime Minister to die was Adolfo Suárez (served 1976–1981) on 23 March 2014, aged 81.

References[change | change source]

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